Zander Hulme

Purveyor of music and other noises

Zander Hulme is an Australian game audio designer and co-founder of Game Audio Brisbane. With a dual passion for both composition and sound design, he is particularly interested in creating inventive audio implementations which help immerse the player in the game world. This has led him to create a number of interactive music systems. With over a dozen shipped mobile titles under his belt, Zander is used to optimising for tight technical constraints, and is now branching out into working on more ambitious PC and console games.



Folio & Credits

Video Games


Steppy Pants(2016)

Sound Design

Learn to walk... again! A not-so-realistic walking simulator from Super Entertainment. Keep your cool when faced with insurmountable odds, like reckless drivers and an inexplicable inability to step on sidewalk cracks. Remember how much fun it is to walk down the street, with dozens of colourful characters – even a Zander costume, replete with boom mic.

Selected by Apple as one of the top ten iOS games of 2016.


Sling Kong(2015)

Music & Additional Sound

An endless slinger from Protostar. Sling, bounce, and swing your way to glory, but watch out for all manners of dastardly traps and obstacles! The game features a dynamic soundtrack that adds layers of instrumentation as you climb ever higher.

More than 5,000,000 players worldwide.


Gerrymander: Rig the Election(2017)

Music & Sound

A semi-educational puzzle game based on the political practice of gerrymandering. The theme music is like a patriotic march, if it were performed by drunks or children. Stream the full soundtrack here.

2017 finalist at the Australian Game Developer Awards.


Bounce House(2017)

Music & Sound

An endless bouncer in which you bounce kids out of a bouncy castle and steal their candy. Enjoy a colourful romp with fun costumes and explosives, but don't get caught by the Castle Master!


Pandora's Books(2016)

Music & Sound

Word puzzling/monster slaying game from Smithsoft. Stream the soundtrack here.

Pandora's Books received an Honorable Mention for Excellence in Audio at the 2016 Australian Game Developer Awards.


Millionaire's Run(2017)


A bank heist endless runner. When you hit pause, the exciting big band/swing soundtrack switches over to sounding like an old gramophone record.



Music & Sound

Help the captured creatures dodge their doom in the ultimate obstacle course! Features a dynamic soundtrack that varies instrumentation based on your progress.


Flick Heroes(2017)


A flick-'em-up RPG with fun and fast combat – simply flick and unleash mayhem! Collect and level new characters. Can you get them to the top?

Gear VR

Zombie Nom Nom(2017)

Music & Sound

Zombie Nom Nom is a zany, first person eat-em-up for the Gear VR. All of the percussion in the music is made from appropriate Foley sounds for the level locations.


Astro Crash(2017)

Sound Design

It's time to get really big and really silly. Soar through a 60s retro galaxy. Create hilarious spaceships by crashing into smaller ships and fusing with their junk. The ship engines were created with analogue synthesis.


Film & Animation

Barbouillageville (That Painter Film)

An animated short by Declan Byrne and Connor Johnston, with music by Zander Hulme and sound design by Nicola Leonardi. It screened at Festival de Cannes in 2013, and the Brisol Encounters Short Film Festival in 2014. Barbouillageville is a serene European town of white. Serene, that is, until two rival painters – one blue, one yellow – find themselves in a bitter battle that grows rapidly out of hand, from paint brushes and spray cans to pirate ships and dragons. Watch it here.


Benjamin Goes to a Swingers' Party

An animated short by Declan Byrne, with music by Zander Hulme and sound design by Nicola Leonardi. It screened at many international festivals, including Animafest, NW Animation Fest, and it won Best Animation at the 2016 West End Film Festival. Benjamin Goes to a Swingers' Party is about a sad little man who can't get into a swingers party because he didn't bring a partner. Watch it here.


Thomas the Tank Engine's Existential Crisis

A Thomas the Tank Engine parody sketch by comedy duo Cheeky Moon. Zander composed a sound-alike theme song for the sketch, which mimics the sound and feel of the original Thomas the Tank Engine theme without actually using the same melody at all. He also scored wrote some musical underscore to punctuate the dialogue. Watch it here.

Public Speaking

GCAP 2018

At the Game Connect Asia Pacific conference in 2018, Zander co-presented a talk with Jeff van Dyck: Boom Box – Audio Workflows Inspired by Constraints. They each spoke about various tips and tricks they have figured out in their respective careers, from pre-production and organisation workflows through to mixing and implementation.

Balls cover.png

GCAP Loading 2017

Leading up to Games Connect Asia Pacific, the organisers run a one-day symposium for students and aspiring game developers called GCAP Loading, at which Zander was invited to speak. He gave a talk entitled Why Does My Game Sound Like Balls? which covers a lot of common audio problems that he has helped various indie developers overcome in the past. Anya McNaughton supplied the drawings of cute bunnies that help illustrate the talk's points.

Heartbeat logo.jpg

Heart Beat 2018

At the inaugural Heart Beat Symposium at Byron Bay, Zander was invited to give a talk about the sound of sex in video games, entitled Intimate Performances – Approaching the Sound Design of Sex & Romance. The presentation looked at how sex and romance sounds in different genres, and how to leverage generic expectations to help elicit the desired emotional response.


Pax Australia 2016

For PAX Aus 2016, Zander organised a panel with Australian game audio professionals Meghann O'NeillRick Salter, and Maize Wallin called Hey, Listen! – How and Why Great Games Sound So Good. The panel was moderated by Lee May of Defiant Development.



Zander has appeared in Marshall McGee's YouTube series on sound design in video games, Waveform. First as an excerpt from the "Hey, Listen!" panel in Episode 4: What Do Guns Really Sound Like?, then again in an interview in Episode 5: What Does "Realistic" Sound Like?


GAME – The Italian Journal of Game Studies

For Italian journal of game studies GAMEZander wrote a paper entitled Killing-off the Cross-fade on his research into "imbricate audio" – a method of creating and implementing interactive music in video games. The proposed method has been used in a few launched titles so far, including Sling Kong and Oopstacles, and is the basis of a procedural music system for a new, unannounced project.

In short, imbricate audio can perform some musical transitions with recorded (or pre-rendered) music clips that could previously only be achieved with sequenced audio data such as MIDI or Mod/Tracker. You can read the paper in full, here.


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